Holiday Gift Guide for your Pre-Teen Boy

Holiday Gift Guide for your Pre-Teen Boy

If your young pre-teen boy is like mine, he's probably the hardest one to shop for on your list. They may or may not believe in Santa anymore and their likes and interests are pretty narrow. If it's not sports or video games, then I really don't know what else a middle school aged boy wants. But maybe you have it all figured out and don't have an apethetic one track mind pre-teen?? For the rest of us though, I've searched low and high for a few ideas that we've tried and more we will be trying this year:

  • Magentic Dartboard: If your guy is like mine, he spends a lot of time in his room. If he has his own room or shares with his brothers, that space is quickly becoming a cave for him to retreat. And instead of adding more video games to his library, how about a game to give him a quick break between screentime. Make him stand up and move those arms a bit. Great to play with a brother or buddy too! 
  • Karaoke Microphone: While I do admit this could end up being a bit annoying for us, this fun gadget can bring lots of laughs. Let the boys be creative and goofy letting them record and sing over songs or simply use the voice changer. 
  • Spikeball: This fun game for all has amazing reviews! You can play inside or wait for warmer weather to play outside with the whole family. Test their skills and create friendly competition with mini family tournaments. Foldable legs and adjustable net for easy storage and travel.
  • Leather Wallet: If you haven't already, it's probably time to start teaching these guys some responsibility with money. While I used to just hold all the cash he got for birthdays and Christmas, now it's time he starts learning how to hold on to it and spend it wisely. We started with a nice leather, quad stitched wallet so he can take pride in his responsibility. These Timberland ones are reasonably priced for the quality.
  • Wall Decor: That room I mentioned they spend a lot of time in- why not help decorate it with some cool stuff! Finding a neon light related to the things he loves is the perfect decor for a pre-teen room. Plus the smaller size of this one makes it not too obnoxious. 
  • Deodorizers: While this is more of a stocking stuffer than a full on gift, it's still a fun way to help support these new hygience habits we're trying to create. These little deodorizers are great for shoes, sports bags, helmets, and more. They come in various emoji faces, animals, and sports ball designs.  
  • (Nearly) Teenage Boys Guide to (Almost) Everything: We got this book last year and it's come in handier than I ever would have thought. My oldest grabs it when random boy questions come up or in conversations with his little brothers when he's trying to explain things. I've also found it on the floor eluding to some late night reading time. It seems like an easy and interesting read that's also informative for our boy who is not a big reader in the first place!
  • Fleece-Lined Hoodie: While the shop is mainly geared toward Mamas and boys up through size 7, we do have a few items for our bigger boys. At this age, they're not as pumped to match with Mama but having a neutral piece in his wardrobe that could match with Mama if he wanted or to wear alone is a great solution. This hoodie is amazingly soft inside with great quality to last him as long as he'll fit into it!
Hopefully some of these ideas can get you started or even finish off your list! Let me know what other faves you have for your pre-teen guy this season!

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