Holiday Gift Guide for Your Toddler Boy

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Toddler Boy

This time of year is so magical for the little ones. And while we want to keep that innocent and excited spirit alive, we know as moms that the hard part comes behind the scenes- finding those perfect gifts, making sure it's enough but not too much, and don't get me started on all the wrapping! Maybe you're super organized and have already started shopping. Maybe you're a wizard and have already started wrapping! Either way, if you're looking to get started or add more- here are some of our favorite finds for the toddler boys:

This group of little guys is usually pretty simple in my opinion. They like so much still! From learning toys, to toys with sounds and lights, to just a cardboard box sometimes, am I right?! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Kids Electric Play Sink: This toy was sold out everywhere when I tried to get it for our middle son. Now they're a lot easier to grab and much more reasonably priced from when they first became popular. This functioning sink creates fun water play time while practicing chores! 
toddler water play sink
  • Toddler Scavenger Hunt: This fun card game encourages language through a scavenger hunt. I love it because I can multi-task while he's looking for the items!
toddler scavenger hunt card game
  • Balance Bike: At this age, these guys are ripping and roaring trying to keep up with the older kids. Learning how to balance and prepare for bike riding at this age is perfect timing. This bike is more reasonably priced and has a double wheel on back to reduce tipping over. 
toddler balance bike
  • Push and Go Dino Vehicles: These Dinos are loads of fun with their flipping and multi-direction ability. The pull and push motion makes it easier for the little ones to activate and this 2-pack is great for sharing or siblings.
Push and Go Dino vehicles for toddlers
  • Kids Golf Set: Even if your family isn't big into golf, this set comes with everything and has great potential for teaching gross and fine motor skills. It's also priced right to share as a great idea for family looking for gift ideas.
Toddler Golf Set
  • Toddler Basketball Hoop: For your sporty little ones, this Hoop is great because it can truly grow with them. Going as low as 19" up to 45", it comes with 3 balls under 4" in diameter to fit their little hands perfectly.
toddler basketball hoop
  • LeapFrog 100 Words Book: This book is a fan favorite in our house! So many word combinations, sturdy pages, handle for carrying around, and you can flip easily between English and Spanish! 
Leapfrog 100 words book
  • Leopard Vest: We're loving the little leopard vest for the holiday season. Pair with the mommy version (regular and plus options) for some trendy photo ops!  
toddler leopard vest
Hopefully some of these ideas can get you started or even finish off your list! Let me know what other faves you have for your toddler this season!
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