Holiday Gift Guide for your Kinder-Aged Boy

Holiday Gift Guide for your Kinder-Aged Boy

If your young elemetary-aged boy is like mine, he's been making his list for Santa since the summer. Taped to the fireplace with new additions almost every time he catches a new kids' Youtube video! While I want to keep excitement and belief in Santa alive, we know as moms that the hard part comes behind the scenes- finding those perfect gifts, making sure it's enough but not too much, and crossing the realistic things off that every growing list. Maybe you're super organized and have already started shopping. Maybe you're a wizard and have already started wrapping! Either way, if you're looking to get started or add more- here are some of our favorite finds for your kinder-aged boys:

This group of little guys is usually the easiest in my opinion as they love little kid stuff and starting to like big kid stuff too. Almost everything is still "cool" and there's so many options from manufacturers out there. So here are some must haves in our house this year:

  • Gatling Bubble Machine: This non-stop fun is perfect for those little guys with little hands. Especially this 2-pack so there's one for a sibling or friend! Lots of bubble fun for everyone! 
  • Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad: Boost their art confidence with this light up tracing board that comes with paper, pencil, and colored pencils. Even creates a fun light for playtime.
  • Outdoor Exploration Set: So much fun in one kit! Bug finding, exploration, and all the imagination you can think of! Keep those boys outside and distracted for a while! 
  • Zingo Site Words Game: If your kiddo is in this age group then you know all about site words! Right now the repetitive flashcards are getting burnt out so a fun game solution is going to brighten up both our energies for learning time this winter!
  • Walkie Talkies: Every kid has to have a walkie talkie for him and his brother or his buddy. These ones have a backlight LED flashlight and easy push to talk function making it fun to use for even the little guys.
  • Dinoasaur 3D Nightlight: This one is super cool and I can't wait to see my son's eyes when we light it up. It's available in a few different Dino options, and this 3D night light can change to 7 different colors. It comes with a remote and auto off timer for mama. 
  • Scribble Stones: We love this book at our house! It reminds the kids of the movie Trolls but with the activity in the back it reminds me of The Kindness Rock Project so we all can relate and spread some kindness!
  • Fleece Snowflake Hoodie: When I got the sample of this in, my 5 year old wouldn't take it off. He has been begging for his own since I told him I'd be putting them in the shop. So comfy and cozy for any of the little guys this season!
Hopefully some of these ideas can get you started or even finish off your list! Let me know what other faves you have for your young elementary guy this season!

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