Little Boy Must-Haves

Little Boy Must-Haves

Have you read those baby must-have lists before? If you haven’t, there’s plenty…just search up baby registry list, baby must-haves, best baby products 2021; anything to that nature, and every baby brand company, parenting magazine or website, family blogger, and mother-in-law within shouting distance will tell you what you absolutely need. Most items are gender-neutral in terms of patterns, colors, and details alike. When they’re so tiny, they only need the basics. Nothing boy-only or girl-only required. Just the things to keep their tiny non-communicative bodies alive. I mean, at that point the only difference is where their pee is coming out of, right?


Well, I’d like to argue that if you’re having a little boy there are some boy-specific things that may help along the way. Are they all a complete need? Maybe not. But they are not the typical gender-neutral swaddle blanket or the yellow teddy bear mittens. These are the things that tell those nosey strangers exactly what pronoun to use before saying something rude or annoying. All the things that will embrace that little man in his handsome ways. And also, some items that will help you through the toddler years!


So here goes. My 9 Little BOY Must-Haves to Help Mama Out:

  1. Wee Wee Tents: Yes, little cloth tents to catch the pee before it shoots up in your face. These weren’t really a thing with my first son but I’ve heard how they’ve saved plenty of eyeballs in the years since their popularity began. When they first came out they were just paper cones, like ones you pull from the cup dispenser next to the water cooler. But now they’re all fancy with different patterns and made from soft terry cloth that you can wash. You can find some super cute ones HERE.

    **Pro tip: not interested in Wee Wee Tents? Those little guys usually pee when cold air first hits their penis from taking the diaper off so put a cold wipe on baby’s lower belly a few seconds before pulling off the diaper to encourage urine release before the air hits.

  2. Mini Steamer: Admittedly, this is a little on the boujee side of needs but hear me out on this one. Anyone who has ever bought an adorable little button-down shirt for their baby boy knows that you wear and wash it once and it comes out looking like someone crumbled it into a ball, put it in their pocket, went swimming, and let it air dry in said pocket. These little clothes are impossible to look fresh enough for a second wear. Maybe you have an adorable shirt for family photos or the holidays and you’re hoping to get at least a couple wears out of it for some adorable pics. I promise you’re going to need a little steamer or consider that outfit a one and done. Amazon has a list of top selling travel steamers HERE.

    **Pro Tip: if you have a baby with skin sensitivities or you’re just super nervous about germs when they’re teeny tiny- ironing or steaming your baby clothes after they’ve been washed, especially if you hang dry, is a great extra sanitizing step to get rid of any harmful microbes on the fabric.

  3. Baby Boy Beanies: Girls get all the cute bows and headbands, bonnets and head wraps, atop of all those beautiful locks while boys get the cute yet typical baby teddy bear ears on their knit hats?? We want our boys to be trendy too, not just have pretend animal appendages to help strangers identify them as boys. So, if you’re feeling a bit trendy instead of cutesy, head over to Etsy and check out some of these adorable slouchy beanies for the little guys! Get one to match his baby boy swaddle or as he gets older, throw it on with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

  **Pro Tip: girls actually wear these too which is adorable, so get extra for 
    your other littles to match or size up and you can match your little guy
    when you’re headed out on the town!
4. Fels Naptha Bar Soap: This old school soap is the end all be all when it comes to stain removal and more. This little piece of magic is the main ingredient in so many old wives’ tales from clearing acne, cold sores, and poison ivy. But for you mama, this cleaning product will help for those little baby explosive poops, spit-up, and berry stains, followed by grease and grass stains. Check out this mama’s story on all its uses and grab a bar HERE off Amazon for $0.97!

**Pro Tip: this stuff works because it is strong! Make sure to dilute the product when using it on baby items or for kiddos with skin sensitivities.

5. Neosporin Foaming Liquid for Kids: Those boys are going to get into some major trouble as they start walking and especially running around. The scrapes and cuts will be aplenty but most likely it won’t be slowing them down. Getting them to sit still for some disinfecting and bandaging won’t be easy. Trying to wipe on some antibiotic ointment, let it soak in, and then applying a band-aid will be like wrestling a bear. To make it a little more fun and easier on you mama, grab this foaming Neosporin that’s great for boys on the run and is sting-free.

**Pro Tip: grab some extra fun band-aids to help with recovery. I love to throw them in Easter baskets and stockings for simple gifts that are just as much for me as for him.

6. Dual Action Latches: While these puppies aren’t stylish or may not add to the feng shui of your house, they definitely do the job for so many things! While little girls may be curious, there is nothing like a little boy on the hunt for a new pot to beat like a drum, drawer to empty of all its organized Tupperware, or toilet water to play in. These little suckers can be used on cabinet doors, oven door, fridge/freezer door, toilet seat, and pretty much anything that opens that you don’t want to. Do you have a Houdini on your hands? Maybe he has learned how to open doors a little too early or can maneuver that baby gate? Check out the details of all it can do HERE.

**Pro Tip: The product states it does not damage surfaces and can be re-usable but for best measure, I’d also add in some 3M Command strips if applying to paint or wanting to move and re-use often.

7. Cheerios: Moving up from the infant stage, let’s get into some toddler needs. While little boys can be insatiable and carrying around a plethora of snacks is an absolute must, this is not exactly why I put them on the list. Cheerios are a super fun and inexpensive trick to encourage your little guy to get that pee-pee actually in the toilet. Yep, place a few of those little suckers in the bowl and have him play a little game of whack-a-mole: bathroom style; aiming his stream for the little rings until he hits his target!

**Pro Tip: while he’s still practicing, or if he gets easily distracted and looks away (turning his whole body- urine stream included) from the toilet bowl, use this urine cleaner to get not only the liquid up but the smell too!

8. Baby and Dad Books: The bond between mother and son is undeniable. That mama’s boy thing is no joke in my house. Not to say that moms and daughters aren’t close but you talk to a boy about his love for his mother or vice versa, that eye twinkle will say it all. So what about dads? Well, in my house he gets no love (his words, not mine!). I mean, of course, the boys love him but they will crawl over his warm and awake body to ask me to fill their cup. They will call for me with unyielding impatience to come wipe their butt while he’s denied entry at the door. May I have perpetuated this a bit by always succumbing to their beck and call?? Possibly. But to make sure they’re learning and utilizing the love from their daddy too, it will be ever so helpful to have those special moments that are just for them. In your house, it can be bathtime, maybe playtime, or a simple good night story that is just for the two of them. Check out this list of 6 adorable baby books about dad. Most can be found on Amazon or Target for quick delivery!

**Pro tip: use this son/dad time to pour yourself a glass of wine or drink another cup of coffee. You can thank me later. ~Single Mama? Don’t worry boo, I got you too! Search Amazon for adorable baby + grandma/pa books or baby + aunt/uncle books and have them stored in your library for whenever there’s a visit from family and you can sneak away for that quick moment!

9. Mommy + Me Clothes: Unfortunately, while most don’t think this is a need, I surely do. Moms and daughters can’t have all the fun! If you search mommy and me clothing, you will find an obscene amount of mother/daughter options. If you search mom and son clothing you’ll get a splattering of matching graphic tees and sweatshirts or maybe some ill-fitted swimsuits from China. While this isn’t quite fair, I think as boy moms we’re used to it if you’ve ever traveled down a baby clothing section. You’re blinded by the fluff and cuteness of the girls’ section and searching for where the rest of the boys’ racks are because the 2 in the back can’t be all of them. Check out our amazing website of the coolest boy trends for boy and mama to match! We can't wait to see the smiles of your little ones when they match their mama: Boy + Mama.

** Pro Tip: this is not a tip but just a reminder that boy moms deserve to feel cute and pretty and special too. Cleaning up pee and dirt and playing superheroes and wrestling matches all day doesn’t mean you can’t also look fabulous!


Being a boy mama is so fun. It’s different and can require a little learning curve, especially if you weren’t raised around boys. But there is so much we can learn from each other and share to make it not only manageable but the most special experience in the world. Are you a boy mama and have more must-haves? Share with us in the comments or find me on Social @boyplusmama so I can shout you out!







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