Size Inclusion: A Boy + Mama tenet

Size Inclusion: A Boy + Mama tenet

When I began my market research to find the needs and interests of the Boy Moms I wanted to serve, I learned many things about their needs that helped me form our 4 main tenets. A few of these I was aware of as they are my personal shopping preferences, as well, but there was one that I did not realize would be so important. 

As a mom of 3 boys myself, I know first hand about reasonable prices since they grow so fast; quick shipping because last minute shopping happens all the time with our busy schedules; and free returns is so helpful when the size or style is just not what you thought online. But what I didn't realize is how important it would be to carry a range of sizes that met the needs of more Mamas. 

I would show off a popular style and get asked in almost every video if it was available in Plus Size. Or I would introduce the shop in a post and one of the most popular comments was: "Do you carry Plus Size?" I quickly realized that the pre-packaged sizes that come from the vendors weren't enough. That S-M-L package wasn't my target audience. Do I have Mamas who buy size Small? Yes. But most Mamas are actually buying Medium and above. My best selling sizes are Large and XLarge! I figured out quickly that creating Mama and Son outfit pairings needed to include sizes XL and above if I really wanted to be helpful to more moms out there.

When I started my Collections I made sure to include XL sizes and throw in a couple Plus Size options when I could. The Standard Sizing Collection was still almost twice the size as the Plus Size Collection and while I felt like I was "trying", I learned over the course of my first year, that just "trying" wasn't good enough. I needed to make a statement and I needed to be firm in my tenet.

I actually saw a TikTok video that pushed me to move forward with this idea. To give credit to the creator: @shoptwiddys said, "I was viewing it originally from a place of priviledge. I've never been plus size before so I've never gone through the frustration of a company not having my size in the store and having to order it online or them not having as cute clothes because I was plus size. I've also never been charged more for my size."

This spoke profoundly to me. I felt sad for what I had been "trying" to be helpful with but actually was barely scratching the surface. I charge more for Plus Size because plus sizes cost more for me; some pairings don't have Plus Size options because the manufacturer just did not offer it. Well, that stops now. 

This post acts as a pledge for my Size Inclusion Tenet. Moving forward, I will only include matching pairings that have a Plus Size option. Moving forward, all women's sizes no matter if it's a size Small or size 3X will be the same price.

  • As of today- May 9th, 2022 all previous season pieces that do not have a plus size option will be clearanced out and no longer be carried in the shop.
  • As of May 16th, 2022 all new pieces launched in the shop will have at minimum size 2X/3X option of some kind. *It may not be an exact match to the women's standard size, but it will have a match to a infant/boy's size.
  • As of June 1st, 2022 all women's prices will be adjusted to reflect a streamline cost no matter the size.

This is a change because of you- you're input, your purchases, and your support has allowed me to move in a direction that serves a wider range of boy moms that I originally would never have thought of. So don't thank me, thank you!

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