What about Mama Accessories?

What about Mama Accessories?

A few weeks ago I added a new item to the shop. Well, I add things to the shop often but I'm talking about a new accessory... an accessory just for Mama. 

Besides my boys and helping other mamas connect with their boys through matching clothes, another one of my passions is beauty products! Now, I'm not talking detailed and skilled makeup looks or expensive skincare with long routines, I'm just talking items like quick and easy all-natural tanning drops I can mix in my face moisturizer I already use to give me a little glow when I'm feeling pale and dull. Or a quick at home manicure to make me not look like my hands are only busy changing diapers and washing dishes all day long. While skilled makeup and long skincare routines are nice, as a busy mom trying to save a buck for my family- I need convenient, inexpensive, and easy! 

One product that completely changed my life- I know it sounds dramatic but seriously changed one part of my beauty routine like no other- are Press On Nails. Ok you just read that and in your head thought, Really? Press On Nails? Like the ones you get at the drugstore that look fake and pop off inconveniently leaving you with worse looking nails than if they weren't done at all? Yes- I know, all those things ran through my head when I first was introduced to these too. But I can tell you from 3+ years experience of wearing them day in and day out- these are not the same! 

Let me break it down for you:

The old way- I really want my nails to look nice, either for an event or because they've just looked so shabby for too long. I tell my husband I need a couple hours on an evening after work or a Saturday morning to go get my nails done. He checks his schedule and as long as there's no conflicts then I head out to the little shop down the street. Sometimes I wait 15 minutes or so but I'm wasting time picking out my color so it's not so bad. I sit next to a stranger, awkwardly smile hoping they don't make random small talk. The nail tech asks how I want my nails, any designs, etc. and I have to repeat myself a few times as I either can't understand her or hear her through her mask. The mask that she wears all day because of being exposed to the gel, acrylic and polish fumes, dust from the drills, filing, etc. yet I have nothing on. It takes a good 45 minutes to an hour depending on if I need any fixes or changes and everything has enough time to dry because I know the second I get home it's right back to mommy duty. I pay $40 for the no chip and at least $8 for a tip and then race home because I'm starting to feel guilty that I took some time away and of course wondering what havoc I'll return to.

The new way- I really want my nails to look nice for an event or just because I want to feel a little more put together because of the day in and day out of mom life. I look online for these cute nails that seem like a great alternative. I pick a couple fun styles that I can interchange or mix up to create a unique manicure that I would usually have to pay extra for each individual nail. I add 2 different ones to my cart for $30 (already saving a ton for double the manicures) and they arrive to my house in a few days. I watch the 2 minute video that was posted on the website for visual directions (they're already on the box but I learn better by seeing first) and then during naptime I open the box, fit the nails to my size, prep my nails like shown, glue them down and still have 1 hour and 45 minutes until naptime is over 🤯 ! Did I seriously just do my nails at home in 15 minutes for less than the salon cost, without having to coordinate with the hubs, and zero mom guilt?!


Yep! And that is my life every 10 days or so now making me feel more put together, receiving tons of compliments, being able to coordinate with holidays and events, and all the money I'm saving!! The fact that they can last up to 2 weeks, are non-damaging, reusable, customizable, and look so dang real- I can't help but be addicted AND want to share with all of you. So if you're feeling you need a little mommy pick me up in your beauty routine without spending too much or needing to schedule a babysitter- then check out all of the colors and patterns available in the Accessories Collection HERE. And if you'd like to be the first to know about new releases, see fun mixed mani inspirations, check out promotions, deals, giveaways and of course all the troubleshooting tips and tricks- then check out my Facebook Beauty Group HERE.




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