About Us

Growing up with all girls, I never knew what life was like with little boys. After having not 1, not 2, but 3 boys I came to see there was a lot missing on the market for us boy moms. There are tons of cute mommy and me options for moms and girls, but what about us?! And so an idea was born. Enter Boy + Mama! Created by a boy mom just like you looking for comfortable and cute clothes to wear anytime...

Hi, I'm Jen! Wife and mom to 3 awesome boys. I'm a high school art teacher who loves to drink wine, and play with makeup. I always want to do more for others and can't wait to share with you the amazing clothes to make you feel cute and comfortable with your boys. 

Carter is the oldest who is super laid back, loves sports and riding his bike, and is an awesome big brother. Frank is the middle child and our firecracker. He loves everything cars, dinosaurs, legos, and nerf. Then comes baby Joey. The perfect finale to round us out. He's fun and funny and thinks he's a big kid just like his brothers. And we couldn't do all this without my amazing husband and loving dad. Our biggest cheerleader and numbers guy- keeps us confident and organized.

Welcome! We're so glad you're here. As a boy mom, this space was created just for YOU!