What exactly is a Boy + Mama Subscription?

Boy + Mama is a monthly mama and me t-shirt subscription box for you and your little guy. Every month, you will receive a matching mom and son shirt set to match your little guy with the coolest and in season designs.

How does the subscription work?

When you first order your subscription, your order will process immediately and you will be shipped our exclusive Boy Mama and Mama's Boy tees - only first time subscribers get these shirts! After that, you will begin receiving each brand new design once they're announced each new month thereafter.

How do I sign up?

Click here to subscribe. Pick your sizes and add to cart. Make sure to go to the Add-On Shirt listing if you need more for extra little ones. Create your subscription account at checkout and start your excitement for that first package to arrive!


How does billing work?

After your first subscription order, your credit or debit card will immediately be charged $35 + applicable tax, and you will be shipped your exclusive Boy Mama and Mama's Boy shirts within 3-5 business days. Your card will be charged again on the 10th of each month thereafter, and you will be sent that month’s brand new set of shirts after the 15th of every month. 

Can I edit my subscription info or cancel?

Absolutely! Life happens and kids grow fast! Each month you’ll have the option to update your subscription: update your card info, change sizes, change address, add more shirts, etc., as well as, the option to pause your subscription if you don't want to receive that month's set. There are also no contracts or commitments to join or keep your subscription. 

You'll receive an email on the 1st of each month introducing next month’s design. You will have from the 1st through the 6th to log into your subscription account and make any updates. There is a small grace period window from the 7th-9th where you can email in any last minute updates. All add-ons, skips, or cancellations must be made prior to or on the 9th of each month so inventory can be updated accordingly and your shirts can start to process!


What perks come with being a subscriber?

Not only do you get exclusive access to each of our monthly designs- those shirts come at a bundle discount with free shipping! That's a $12 discount 🤯 But that's not all! Subscribers can add items from the Limited Edition Collection to their box from the 1st-6th as a one time purchase and those items will ship FREE with your shirts...another $7 savings!! Subscribers will also get early access to new Limited Edition items going into the collection and special Subscriber Only coupons and discounts!! 


Tell me about the shirts!

Your shirts are printed on unisex adult and youth/toddler tees that fit true to size, infant onesies for your first order and a mix of onesies or infant tees for future months. Mama sizes are offered from S-4XL and child sizes are offered from 3 months-Youth XL. Shirt colors will change month to month, and often you'll have seasonal themed designs for those fun family events! Size guides are located HERE for more details. 


Is this subscription just for boy mamas? 

While celebrating being a boy mom is our jam, we want to make as many mamas feel included as possible! All of our shirts are unisex fit and after your initial Boy Mama/Mama's Boy shirts, monthly designs are meant to work for both boys and girls. It's understandable that every design might not be your preference or just the opposite and you love all the designs for all your kids! That is why there is the option to skip any month that doesn't work for you or edit your subscription to add extra shirts each month.


What if I have multiple little ones or Dad wants to join the fun?

Matching with all of your little ones is a dream so let's make that happen! After you add your initial subscription to your cart, you can go back to the subscription page and click the Subscription Add-On to choose your extra shirts. And if Dad is feeling left out, we know offer Adult Add-On tees!

Can I purchase shirts without enrolling in the Subscription?

The Boy Mama and Mama's Boy shirts are exclusive to our subscribers only. Occasionally, extras of a monthly design will be posted for sale. Those will be limited sizes and quantities so they may go fast and will not restock. But we don't want to leave you out if now is just not the time for a subscription. Check out our Limited Editions Collection that has seasonal and special Mom and Son apparel and accessories that can be ordered without a subscription. 

Still have questions?

Use the chat feature on the website for quick questions or email us at contact@boyplusmama.com with any questions and receive a response within 24 hours.